Thursday, October 28, 2004


Hi so just after my 2 days of shift change Friday (the deadly friday) came n which i have to seat whole night long to edit packages for Sunday, Well friday is always a hectic night in all these four years of bangko life as have to make whole new packages. Sometimes we can finish it off sometimes can't and the remaining part is to be finished by the day shift people, but that's how we work and our organisation here goes. Well that's for today See you on Sat night.....

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Back after a very long time, Well yes..went back to India on 2nd of OCT and came back on 17th..all these day i was in the day shift so wasen't able to main tain the posts, but now again i'm in the night shift and soo again things have started.lets hopw it goes for the whole of this trip, My trip to India was nice and good as it always, have to meet my wife and small sweety, Well thats all for today see you for more in the future.